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I'm involved in the strategic and creative process from brainstorm to birth, and every revision, pivot, and plot twist in between.

Guinness All Hail Patricks
Singaporeans have no idea who St. Patrick is, much less celebrate his feast day. So for St. Patrick's Day 2019, we celebrated every local Pat instead.
Netflix #AskTitoPablo
Side-stepping sensitivities around the country’s aggressive war on drugs, we launched Narcos Season 2 in the Philippines with a cheeky twist. We introduced fans to Tito Pablo Escobar, a wise and experienced uncle with treasure troves of life advice.
Regent Phu Quoc
I may have been stuck on my sofa, but I took an imaginary trip to paradise by writing web copy for Regent's crown jewel on the island of Phu Quoc,Vietnam.
Starbucks X
Starbucks has always had a stream of designer collaborations gracing their shelves. We created Starbucks X to tie them all together and give them a snazzy identity of their own.
Starbucks #SuperSatifying
After the high-voltage vibe of summer comes a line of Starbucks beverages that offer a respite from the mundane. To evoke feelings of supreme contentment and relaxation, we turned three new drinks into looping sources of transcendental bliss. 
Starbucks #GetTheFeels
A Frappuccino can't solve the world's problems. But what it can do is be unapologetically itself. That is, snap you out of the humdrum and transport you to a place of indulgence--right in the feels. 
IWD: The Conscious Calendar
For International Women's Day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on issues that aren't often talked about. Like the unconscious gender biases that still happen in the workplace.
Starbucks Hide and Peach
We created a kawaii peach character for people to interact with to promote Starbucks' line of peach-flavoured beverages for cherry blossom season.
Starbucks x DVF
Fashion icon Diane von Furstenburg's mix of bold, splashy prints provided the perfect way to celebrate the beautiful, multi-faced nature of women.
Netflix Anti-Piracy Month
For Anti-Piracy Month, we reminded Natflix fans why not all pirate treasures are gold.
Netflix War Machine
How do you make a film like Brad Pitt's War Machine relevant to the Philippine market? By tapping popular comedian Brod Pete, long-beloved for his Brad Pitt aspirations, to create his own version of the trailer.
Netflix Orange Is The New Black
We turned the launch of the latest season of OITNB into an homage to the characters from the show and other women from the Netflix universe who have learned to step into their power and rise up.
Netflix Grandmas React To OITNB
What would your grandmother say about the shows you watch? We gathered these spirited Filipino grandmothers and got their very honest feedback on Orange Is The New Black. 
Netflix Midnight Diner
Sometimes the best way through a problem is food. And whatever the problem, there's a perfect dish to make it all better.
Pond's Gossip TVC
We tapped into a bit of schadenfreude to talk about the skincare concerns of an older market.
L'Oreal Kissy Cards
Thing is, you won't know which shade of lipstick is right for you unless you try it. We created a personality test to help nudge women in the right direction and got them to pick out colours for their friends too.
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