I love coffee. Coffee loves me. Together, we can do wonderful things. The fog lifts from my brain, I know not to wash my hair with lotion, and I understand what people are saying to me without having to blink in rapid succession.

I love drinking the stuff, but I don't know much about what goes into making a great cup of coffee. I honestly don't know much about anything until you put that cup in my hand.

Thank god for Philz and their handmade coffee.

I walked in there one hot afternoon and the barista recommended the Ecstatic Iced Coffee. It was perfect in every way. I am an iced coffee fan to begin with, even when it's freezing outside. But this drink was a blend of four different coffee beans--strong and smooth without being too acidic.  And to make it even more refreshing, a little sprig of mint on top. Nice touch.

Best thing is, they can't ever get your coffee wrong. You can taste it in front of your barista and have them adjust it until you're happy.

Leave all the coffee magic to Philz. So you can just focus on making sure your shoelaces are tied.
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