This I know to be true: Pal's knows how to make a sandwich. They always use fresh, local ingredients and everything comes together perfectly. It's just the right size, with the right amount of soft and crunch.

I live a couple of cartwheels away from Pal's, so I've had the pleasure of tasting quite a few of their sandwiches. They were all good. As in, sigh-into-your-sandwich good. The best one being--no surprise here--Auntie Malay's Lao sausage sandwich with pickled cucumber, cilantro and yuzu-soy mayo on an Acme roll. It's their signature item for a reason. The sausage was juicy and packed with flavor, and the greens and mayo cut into that spice so well, there was balance with every bite.

Their other sandwiches are all pretty sigh-worthy too--pastrami, shrimp, smoked trout, chicken. All great but none with quite the flavor and kick of the Lao sausage. Nevertheless, everything is fresh and creative with a combination of ingredients that just work. Now stop deconstructing your sandwich! Take a bite and let the magic happen.
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