Books and booze, my two favorite things!

Featuring rows of pristine hard-bound books arranged by color, I was immediately transported. Novela swallowed me up with its plush interiors and quirky light fixtures. Cages encircled in glass and metal orbs, anyone?

The place was packed for the grand opening. Every single square foot was covered by people, but I don't notice. My eyes were just drinking in the decor.

The cocktails are named after well-loved characters in literature. And seeing as some of the greats were famous alcoholics, the cocktails reflected just that: strong, opinionated, creative, boozy. Each drink had its own distinct character -- from the feminine tartness of the Holly Golightly to the gritty, smoky Santiago to the sweet and beautiful Leopold Bloom.

Despite not having the literary-themed appetizer list I was hoping for, Novela still scores high on concept, character, and content (alcohol, that is!)
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