Nights out in the Mission are never complete without a stop at El Farolito. With a line snaking out the door, lively conversation, and people in varying levels of inebriation, you know you've found the only afterparty that matters. No one cares that you had one drink too many, or that you're stuffing your face silly at some ungodly hour because they're all doing the same thing. And you know what? You couldn't have picked a better place.

El Farolito is the grandaddy of all burritos. I'm talking size -- these babies are huge. I have yet to finish one on my own. I'm talking flavor - ayayay that carne asada! And the sesos! And the salsa! I'm talking everything else -- all its ingredients are well-proportioned so you get a little bit of everything coming together for that perfect bite. I always get a half-carne asada, half-sesos (brain) super burrito so I get that extra creamy texture from the sesos, sour cream, avocado, and cheese. Muy muy bien!

It's not the cleanest-looking place, but I only have eyes for that burrito. Bite after glorious bite, you see nothing, you hear nothing, you feel nothing but love for this sublime foil-wrapped beauty. Welcome to the burrito big leagues, baby!
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