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Kiana Valenciano: Going Places
The Kiana that sits before me looks anything but bitchy. Considering a total stranger is asking her a bunch of questions, she’s relaxed and forthcoming — definitely not what her right eyebrow would like you to think.
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Hindy Weber-Tancoco: A Breath of Fresh Air
Five years ago, Hindy Weber-Tantoco decided it was time for a change. She left her job as a retail fashion designer, got the hell out of dodge, and became a farmer.
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Teresa and Vicky Herrera: Beyond Beauty
The Herrera siblings have always existed on the precipice of cool. Fashion, modeling, media, music, art, performance — you name it, at least one of them has scaled it.
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Kat Alano: From Strength to Strength
In the early months of 2014, at the height of a much-publicized rape case, something shifted in Kat Alano. And she wasn’t going to be silent about it anymore. That’s when her world fell apart.
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Bianca Moran: Freak for Nature
Bianca gets made fun of a lot. She's staunchly vegan for one thing. She's also gluten-free and considers herself part of the straight edge movements, a subculture of hardcore punk that promotes clean living as a reaction to punk excess.
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Amina Aranaz-Alunan: Glam on the Go
Some days things don’t quite go as planned. This does not faze Amina, who seems to have mastered the art of unruffling her feathers. This trademark elegance and poise is what makes her success look so easy, despite the years of hard work.
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Jessica and Sky Yang: Sibling Revelry
There’s an old adage that goes: You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. Jessica and Sky have no use for that adage.
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Sanya Smith: Back to the Future
Music is how Sanya connects and spreads her own message of just loving the art and having fun — a kind of free-flowing, all-encompassing, happy-vibe group hug she likes to spread wherever she goes.
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Mia Arcenas: Passion for Fashion
Last week, Mia lit up the runway with vibrant colors, bold florals, and shimmery gold dresses and jumpsuits, true to her design philosophy that conveys ease and luxury without the pretense. 
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